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Tom Rolt

The following page shows the progress of the loco during the build.

The chassis was sand blasted before being primed to remove some of the surface rust that had accumulated. The rear pony truck had been trial fitted as well.

The cylinders were then fitted along with some of the valve gear that was being made.

The axle boxes and axles were also in place whilst the wheels were having steel tyres fitted.

The chassis was now nearing completion as the smokebox had been fitted along with the cylinder cladding and remaining parts of the valve gear. The leaf spring were in along with the completed wheel sets after tyre fitting.

The chassis was then painted and final assembly could now begin.

A close up of the assembled valve gear with painted cylinder cladding fitted and painted smokebox.

Another view of the chassis after painting and assembly. The brake gear and draincock linkages had now been fitted.

Attention then turned to the boiler, the firehole door assembly was made and water gauges fitted along with the regulator and handle. Safety valves were made and fitted at this stage.

The stainless steel cladding was fitted and the dome cover was made. Construction of the tanks started in brass.

The boiler cladding was painted and fitted along with the back of the boiler.

The completed tanks were trial fitted and awaited painting.

The remaining fittings were made including the manifold and clack valves.

The pipework was added and some of the other components were painted including the regulator handle, brake column and draincock lever.

The steam pipes from the regulator were fitted as well as a snifting valve on the regulator body.

Gauge glass protectors were made and fitted.

The tanks were painted and lined and then fitted.

The mechanical lubricator was made and mounted on the loco and the outlet pipes were fitted from the draincocks along with a bracket to hold them in place and protect them from any damage.

Then the cab was constructed, painted and lined.

Once fitted the vacuum stand pipe could be added as well as the remains pipes and gauges.

The name plates and makers plates were painted to suit the current livery and added to the cab.

A removable back sheet was made for the cab for display purposes.

Interior view of the cab with vacuum and steam brake valve in place and vacuum limiting valve in position.

The roof was then made and once fitted the loco was complete.

Talyllyn Railway crests were added to the tanks and a headlamp was made to add the final touches to the loco.

After the loco was tested it was then on track for the first run.

On the steaming bays after a successful first run.

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